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On behalf of all the faithful of St. Vladimir Orthodox Christian Church, allow me to invite you to join our parish family.

Located in Trenton, the capitol city of New Jersey, we are an English-speaking, diverse, and growing community dedicated to the building up of the Body of Christ by seeking, knowing and living God's will.  We love being with each other, love being with the Lord, and love sharing His love.

When your journeys bring you this way, please accept our invitation to join us in prayer and fellowship. 

May our Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and guide you as we work together proclaiming and fulfilling His Gospel!

With Love in Christ,
Rev. John Diamantis, Parish Priest



Latest News

Choir Appreciation Day - 09/28/14

On Sunday, September 28th, the parish family of St. Vladimir celebrated Choir Appreciation Day.

"In our Orthodox Christian tradition, choirs and musicians play a crucial role for the community of believers to worship.  We are blessed to have a choir which sings beautifully, prayerfully and competently week in and week out, and often more than just on weekends," said Fr. John.


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