St. Vladimir Day 2022

St. Vladimir is commemorated every July 15th (the day of his repose) and is the patron saint of our parish. Archbishop Michael visits annually on this special day. During his visit, he spoke of St. Vladimir as an inspiration for changing one's life for the turning from sin and turning to Christ! St. Vladimir did this by example... from being a hedonistic pagan ruler who became a believer in Christ and a devout Orthodox Christian who brought Christianity to Russia.  

Archbishop Michael celebrated Vespers with us on the eve of the Feast as well as Divine Liturgy on the Feast day. Following Vespers, everyone enjoyed a delicious Potluck Dinner! We also are thankful for the visiting clergy and altar servers who made the St. Vladimir Feast extra special. We are addtionally blessed to have Fr. Volodymyr & Matushka Oksana's families visiting from Ukraine.